By Wolf-Dietrich Kraeft, Dietrich Kremp (auth.), Wolf-Dietrich Kraeft, Dietrich Kremp, Werner Ebeling, Gerd Röpke (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461292735

ISBN-13: 9781461292739

ISBN-10: 146132159X

ISBN-13: 9781461321590

The yr 1985 represents a unique anniversary for individuals facing Ooulomb platforms. two hundred years in the past, in 1785, Oharles Auguste de Ooulomb (1736-1806) came upon "Ooulomb's legislation" for the interplay strength among charged debris. The authors are looking to devote this e-book to the honor of the nice pioneer of electrophysics. fresh statistical mechanics is principally limited to platforms of impartial debris. aside from a number of monographs and survey articles (see, e. g., IOHIMARU, 1973, 1982; KUDRIN, 1974; KLIMONTOVIOH, 1975; EBELING, KRAEFT and KREMP, 1976, 1979; KALMAN and CARINI, 1978; BAUS and HANSEN, 1980; GILL, 1981, VELO and WIGHT­ guy, 1981; MATSUBARA, 1982) the prolonged fabric on charged particle platforms, that is now on hand because of the efforts of many staff in statistical mechanics, is generally dispersed in lots of unique articles. it's the target of this monograph to symbolize not less than a few a part of the identified effects on charged particle platforms from a unified viewpoint. right here the strategy of Green's features seems to be a strong process particularly to beat the problems attached with the statistical physics of charged particle structures; a few of them are . pointed out within the creation. right here we will element, e.g., to the looks of certain states in a medium and their function as new entities.

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77) for homogeneous systems, the particle density is f 00 - (2 n - 8 b P + 1) [No -V 1',0 + dp (2n)3 1 e{3(II'P'j2m-p) _ 1] . 112) -00 This result is to be interpreted in the well known manner. 2. Method of Green'8 Function8 45 condensate. The remaining particles are still distributed according to the Bose function. 100) is to be modified. 100), LRO is indicated for Bose particles (more general for Bose like Matsubara frequencies) by the pole for 'V = 0 and liw = f-l on the real axis. 100) is not entirely defined.

Now let us consider the more mathematical question, how the symmetrical or antisymmetrical subspaces may be constructed. For this purpose we consider the basic vectors [bl .. · bN) = [bl ) ... 8) It is easy to show that we get a basic system in Je'i with A'i [bl ) ... IbN) = Ibl .. · bN)± E Je"§. PN with for Bose particles 3 Kraeft u. a. lO) 24 3. Quantum Stati8tic8 oj Many-Particle SY8tem8 and ={ 1 for even permutations P N for odd permutations P N in the case of Fermi particles. 2. 11) -1 The Method of Second Quantization The properties of a quantum mechanical system composed of many identical particles are essentially determined by the symmetry postulate.

In the case of noninteracting particles we get r = 0, E(p) = n,2p2j2m; therefore may be written n,2 2) . 128) A(p, co) = 2nM ( n,co - -.!!..... 129) 2nM(n,co - E(p» • r r. Only in this two cases we have = O. 130) A(p,co) = 2. [n,co - E(p) - Re EC(p)]2 [r~)] + A A A E(p}+Rel'(p} c) Fig. 1. 2. Method of Green's Functions 49 A(pw) now has not the simple b-shape but a Lorentz form with a finite width. In Fig. 1. we compare the different A(p, w). If r E(p) Re E (p), A(p, w) is strongly peaked for hw = E Re E.

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