By Jack Yeovil aka Kim Newman

ISBN-10: 1844162362

ISBN-13: 9781844162369

It's the twenty first Century and the multi-national companies keep an eye on the USA. the army is decided as much as safeguard these companies from the roving gangs and spiritual sects that wander the wilderness that has develop into the US. fortress Apache, Arizona, an army garrison that has been charged with maintaining the Interstate highways open for the companies, is less than assault through an unknown enemy. First a cruiser pushed by means of squaddies from castle Apache, visits a fuel station within the desolate tract the place a working laptop or computer computer virus is inserted in the course of the fuel tank, kills all yet one of many infantrymen using in it after which keeps on its project of homicide, looking for a specific church and a Catholic priest, Father O'Pray. contained in the castle, the boys and ladies activate one another in a blood fest that leaves many lifeless and others racing for his or her lives. just one individual has the foremost to this secret, Chantal Juillerat, a nun dispatched from the Vatican. operating with the lone cavalry soldier who escaped the carnage of the demon-possessed cruiser, Chantel searches for the foundation of the problem.

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