By S. J. Hamrick

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Among the extra sensational espionage circumstances of the chilly battle have been these of Moscow’s 3 British spies—Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, and man Burgess. during this riveting e-book, S. J. Hamrick attracts on documentary facts hid for nearly part a century in reconstructing the complicated sequence of 1947–1951 occasions that led British intelligence to spot all 3 as Soviet agents.

Basing his argument totally on the Venona archive of damaged Soviet codes published in 1995–1996 in addition to on complementary Moscow and London resources, Hamrick refutes the parable of MI5’s identity of Maclean as a Soviet agent within the spring of 1951. British intelligence knew a ways previous that Maclean used to be Moscow’s agent and hid that wisdom in a 1949–1951 counterespionage operation that deceived Philby and Burgess. Hamrick additionally introduces compelling facts of a 1949–1950 British disinformation initiative utilizing Philby to misinform Moscow on Anglo-American retaliatory army strength within the occasion of Soviet aggression in Western Europe.

Engagingly written and impressively documented, Deceiving the Deceivers breaks new flooring in reinterpreting the ultimate espionage years of 3 notorious spies and in clarifying fifty years of conjecture, confusion, and mistake in Anglo-American intelligence history.

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John Philby, an avaricious opportunist who might have become a Hindu if oil had first been found in the Pushtu rather than in King Saud’s Arabia. Philby was his father’s son even if he had no interest in excessive wealth except as it kept him in tobacco, whiskey, oysters occasionally, and a few necessities. Fame and Rufina Philby were the crutches that let him limp through those final years; celebrity was an addiction he couldn’t resist. He found it far more proof of his worth than the crippled, spavined, broken-down Communist nag he was obliged to mount and spur on, not to the bone yard or the glue factory where the old Marxist-Leninist cripple belonged, but to defend those final Cold War barricades then being torn down across Eastern Europe.

Until 1995, the impenetrable barrier of Britain’s Official Secrets Act made it impossible to draw any closer to the truth than the assorted collections of spurious anecdotes, inaccurate hearsay, and fanciful conjecture that dominated the Maclean case for more than forty years. On July 11, 1995, at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, the directors of the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation noisily intruded on London’s forty-five years of privileged silence and flung open the doors of America’s most highly sensitive repository of Cold War secrets.

On February 20, 2001, the American news network CNN reported from London that Philby’s My Silent War had inspired Moscow’s FBI spy Robert Hanssen, who had read the book as a fourteen-year-old in Chicago and decided to make Philby’s treacherous career his own. CNN got a few facts wrong. Its reporter claimed Philby defected in 1962 and was made a KGB general. It hardly matters. Celebrity’s name is all we know and all we remember. Notoriety is indiscriminate. It claims the great and the small, the courageous, the cowardly, the infamous, and the obscure, the Lindberghs, the Lord Haw-Haws, even Sylvain Dornon, a Frenchman who in 1891 walked from Paris to Moscow on stilts.

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Deceiving the Deceivers: Kim Philby, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess by S. J. Hamrick

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