By Jonathan Frankel

ISBN-10: 0195182243

ISBN-13: 9780195182248

The most recent quantity of the yearly stories in modern Jewry sequence gains essays at the diversified and sometimes arguable methods Communism and Jewish historical past interacted in the course of the twentieth century. The volume's contents study the connection among Jews and the Communist flow in Poland, Russia, the US, Britain, France, the Islamic global, and Germany.

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Intellectual group had said: “Well, we should kill Ukrainians . ” then I think there would have been collective responsibility. But it was nothing of the kind. There were people in the state apparatus . . whom I personally don’t consider Jews at all. What is Jewish in them? They were born to Jewish mothers and I, not being a racist, do not see anything in it. They were not culturally or religiously Jewish, not in any . . Jewish movement. . Are we to say that if a Jew, an individual Jew, is a criminal, .

Probably Stalin never forgot nor forgave the support the KPP had given Trotsky. Moreover, the fact that the Soviet leader at the time was presumably already contemplating an alliance with Nazi Germany would also have spoken against the KPP—which, with its large Jewish membership, could not have been relied upon to support such a total about-face. How “Jewish” and How “Communist” Were They? As has been seen, although interwar Polish Jewry was overwhelmingly non- or even anti-Communist, there were between 5,000 and 10,000 Communists of Polish Jewish descent.

In contrast, the Bundist vision of emancipation condemned the Zionist idea as nationalist, bourgeois, reactionary and, in addition, unrealistic. Bundists were determined to put an end to social and national injustice by means of a socialist transformation of Poland (albeit without a proletarian dictatorship); an alliance between the Jewish and the Polish working class; and a program for Jewish cultural autonomy in which the secular Yiddish culture would flourish. Class and national Jews and the Communist Movement in Interwar Poland 25 conflicts would gradually ease in the future socialist-run Poland, where the country’s various ethnic groups would live together in peace.

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