By Margaret Weis

ISBN-10: 0060877073

ISBN-13: 9780060877071

ISBN-10: 0061057916

ISBN-13: 9780061057915

Someone,or something,is rippingthe hearts from residing males. Justinian, Lord Sterling, has lived for hundreds of years, serving an historic entity identified merely because the Dragon. Immortality is Justin's gift. yet to maintain it, he needs to preserve killing. Lt. Sandra McCormick is a devoted cop, a loner whose task is her safe haven from a twisted previous. yet to maintain it, she needs to cease the killing.Two loners, each one stalking the opposite. each one destined to be the other's savior--and downfall. for romance, unforeseen, unstoppable, attracts them jointly. And love is the single vice the Dragon won't let . . .

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Not all guys are assholes,” Benny said.

He preferred to be a live cop. And if a cop wasn’t kicking ass, he’d better be bugging out, oh yeah. But he’d bugged out before and never been this scared. Something dragged across the ground just behind him. Madrone stumbled as he tried to turn around. “What the fuck . . ” He backed toward the lighted street only a few yards away now. Once again he drew his pistol. His hand was shaking, sweating on the grip of his weapon. Two hands grabbed his shoulders from behind and Madrone spun, leading with his elbow.

He balled up the heavy skin and tucked it beneath his left arm, leaving his right free to draw his weapon. Not that he thought he would need to. He was still jittery. The mouth of the alley seemed to be a block away. The distant lights of Dearborn were part of the normal world, a world where you didn’t hear noises that came from nowhere. That was where he needed to be. Not here, in an empty, rain-washed alley that stank like an open grave. The back of his neck kept tingling as if somebody was watching him.

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Dark Heart: Book I of Dragon's Disciple by Margaret Weis

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