By William J. McKenna, William T. Abraham, David Feldman

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Desktop generated contents word: 1. Nomenclature of ECG Deflections --
The Electrocardiogram --
The Electrophysiology --
The Deflections --
The durations --
The Segments --
2. Electrocardiographic Leads --
The Electrocardiographic Leads --
The Limb Leads --
The Chest Leads --
The Lead Orientation --
The Einthoven Triangle --
3. ECG Grid and common Values --
The ECG Grid --
The basic ECG Values --
4. choice of electric Axis --
The electric Axis --
The Hexaxial method --
The QRS Axis --
Determination of QRS Axis --
Abnormalities of QRS Axis --
5. decision of the center expense --
The center cost --
The center Rhythm --
6. Abnormalities of the P Wave --
Normal P Wave --
Absent P Wave --
Inverted P Wave --
Changing P Wave Morphology --
Tall P Wave --
Broad P Wave --
7. Abnormalities of QRS complicated --
Normal QRS advanced --
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24 Sanderson JE, Fraser AG. Systolic dysfunction in heart failure with a normal ejection fraction: echo-Doppler measurements. Prog Cardiovasc Dis 2006; 49:196–206. 25 Estepp J. Diagnosis of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.  J Methodist DeBakey Heart Center 2008; 4:8–12. The most recent additions to the consensus statements from the European Diastolic Heart Failure group highlighting the role of Doppler techniques and biomarker information in the diagnosis of DHF. All relevant clinical data and technical applications are cited in this study.

Mean value 73 58 74 32 29 40 146 77 DBP, diastolic blood pressure; SBP, systolic blood pressure. Adapted from [25]. heart failure outcomes must first identify a target population that is at sufficient risk for heart failure endpoints. As an example, a hypertensive population treated with an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE-I) or calcium channel blocker to the same target blood pressure would have similar outcomes with regard to heart failure, death or hospitalization. 5 and DT>50yr < 280 ms or Ard-Ad > 30 ms or LAVI >40 ml/m2 or LVMI > 122 g/m2 (O+): > 149 g/m2 (O+) or Atrial fibrillation TD EIE’>8 HFNEF Ard À Ad, time difference in atrial wave of pulmonary venous flow and mitral A; b, modulus for compliance; BNP, b-type natriuretic peptide; DT, mitral E-wave deceleration time; E0 , early mitral annular tissue Doppler velocity; E, early mitral inflow velocity; HFNEF, heart failure normal ejection fraction; LVEDVI, left ventricular end-diastolic volume index; LVMI, left ventricular mass index; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; mPCWP, mean pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro b-type natriuretic peptide; TD, tissue Doppler; t, time constant for relaxation.

In chronic heart failure patients, blunted RV tissue Doppler systolic velocity emerged as a novel predictor of cardiac death or heart failure hospitalization, suggesting Copyright © Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited. 242 Cardiac failure that this may be a more sensitive marker of RV dysfunction than conventional parameters, including RVEF or RVFAC [25]. MRI imaging, currently the gold standard for assessment of RV dimensions and volumes [2,26,27], offers tremendous potential for evaluating RV function and perfusion [2].

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