By David Eddings

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Dont leave out CRYSTAL GORGEthe ultimate publication within the big apple instances bestselling epic myth sequence, The Dreamers. Aracia, sister of the goddess Zelana (The Elder Gods), and Veltan (The precious One) have neglected the prophecy of The Dreamers. Now, their lack of know-how may perhaps lead to the destruction of Dhrall.

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As long as we can get there before the war breaks out, everything should be all right, Ekial replied. Then Veltan advised Narasan that hed go along, since it would probably take quite a bit of gold to hire that many ships. I take it that youve changed your mind, Ekial, Dahlaine said then. You were looking quite doubtful when things started to get noisy up near the Falls of Vash. Ive had time to think it over a bit, Ekial replied. Things turned out quite well up there, and the pay you offered is very attractive.

Theres a war in progress in my brothers Domain right now, and I think it might not be a bad idea for me to take you there as an observer. That should give you a chance to see the enemy and come up with some tactics that might help us push them back. Thats not a bad idea, Ekial agreed. Now, then, how are we going to get there? Leave that to me, Prince Ekial, Dahlaine replied with a faint smile. It seemed to Ekial that hed drifted off to sleep for some reason during his conversation with Dahlaine, and he woke up suddenly just outside a strange-looking structure that quite obviously was not anywhere in the meadowland.

Of course. Its a lot like what happens to a female cow at mating time. The sea notices that the moons passing by, and she gets those urges to - well - he faltered. You know what I mean. He was just a bit embarrassed by what hed just said. N o w that makes a lot more sense than all that talk about gravity, Id say, Gunda added. Are you saying that the sea gets mating urges twice a day? Ekial demanded with a certain surprise. I most certainly wouldnt, Veltan replied. I learned a long time ago that nobody in his right mind offends Mother Sea.

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