By J. L. Atlee (auth.), J. L. Atlee, J.-L. Vincent (eds.)

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Computer generated contents be aware: 1. Nomenclature of ECG Deflections --
The Electrocardiogram --
The Electrophysiology --
The Deflections --
The periods --
The Segments --
2. Electrocardiographic Leads --
The Electrocardiographic Leads --
The Limb Leads --
The Chest Leads --
The Lead Orientation --
The Einthoven Triangle --
3. ECG Grid and common Values --
The ECG Grid --
The common ECG Values --
4. selection of electric Axis --
The electric Axis --
The Hexaxial approach --
The QRS Axis --
Determination of QRS Axis --
Abnormalities of QRS Axis --
5. selection of the center expense --
The middle expense --
The center Rhythm --
6. Abnormalities of the P Wave --
Normal P Wave --
Absent P Wave --
Inverted P Wave --
Changing P Wave Morphology --
Tall P Wave --
Broad P Wave --
7. Abnormalities of QRS advanced --
Normal QRS advanced --
Low-Voltage QRS advanced --
Alternating QRS Voltage --
Abnormal QRS Axis --
Fascicular Block or Hemiblock --
Non-Progression of R Wave --
Abnormal Q Waves

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TEE can immediately solve this problem and delineate the right diagnosis. The European Perioperative Transoesophage al Echocardiograp hy Research Group has investigated its use and its impact on clinical management in Western Europe [2]. In their study, a prospective cohort of 224 patients with acute or chronic haemodynamic disturbances or at risk of myocardial ischaemia was sampled. Both cardiac and non-cardiac surgical patients were included. Monitoring included TEE, an arterial line and a pulmonary artery catheter.

Alia ria, M. Dei Poli, F. D'Elia, M. Favaro Fig. 4. The NICO (Non Invasive Cardiac Output) device as described in the text with its partial rebreathing circuit (By the courtesy of Burke & Burke, Corsi co, Italy) VC0 2 non rebr- VC0 2 rebr L'. VC0 2 OrcBF = CaC0 2 rebr- CaC0 2 non rebr = L'. CaC0 2 ( 4) vco2 is measured by the instrument with the volume capnography technique, plotting TV versus the capnography signal. ) I -t--+- I ReDr~a thillCJ I - -- - • (SO sec . ,_. F- Vco, , P:JCO, & ETC01 a!

Both can be estimated using TEE echocardiography. Pressure measurements of left ventricular filling are commonly used to make inferences regarding left ventricular preload in critically ill patients. These pressure measurements, however, only weakly correlate with ventricular volume [8]. Differences in diastolic compliance among patients may account for the weak correlation and may limit the ability to use pressure measurements alone to derive information concerning left ventricular preload. e.

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