By W. Michael Gear

ISBN-10: 0886775647

ISBN-13: 9780886775643

Within the gorgeous end to Gear's extraordinary trilogy, the rift among father and son--both informed killing machines--will succeed in an explosive climax. traces needs to be drawn. Traitors needs to be divided from neighbors. And the ultimate conflict begins....

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Vierho urged the shield closer, bent to peer past the acid fogging. The giant chigger danced sideways, turned, darted off to the right along the fountain rim. Abruptly, it whirled, arched a stream of acid at them. The liquid glistened under the searchlights like a high curve of jewels. Vierho barely had time to swerve the shield into the new attack. "By the blood of ten thousand saints," Vierho muttered. " "This is no bull, my brother. " "We talk too much," Martinho said. " Vierho urged the shield ahead until a bare two meters separated them from the creature on the fountain.

I can tell you. Only yesterday, it was said . " The old man fell silent, stared down at him. " Joao said. " the old man said. "She's a very beautiful woman," Joao said. "So I have heard it reported. And many men have sampled that beauty . . " "Joao," the Prefect said, "listen to an old man whose experience has given him wisdom. That is a dangerous woman. She is owned body and soul by the IEO, which is an organization that often interferes with our business. You, you are an empreiteiro, a contractor of renown, whose abilities and successes are sure to have aroused envy in some quarters.

The brain asked. " "The messengers must be found. They must stay in hiding until a more opportune moment. " Specialist workers departed at once to obey the order. "We must capture a more varied sample of humans," the brain commanded. "We must find a vulnerable leader among them. Send out observers and messengers and action units. " The brain listened then, hearing its orders being obeyed, thinking of the messages being carried off across the distances. Vague frustrations stirred in the brain, needs for which it had no answers.

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Counter-Measures (Forbidden Borders, Book 3) by W. Michael Gear

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