By Richard Baker

ISBN-10: 0786956151

ISBN-13: 9780786956159

Move swords with pirates in ny Times best-selling writer Richard Baker’s most recent adventure!

whilst pirates threaten his domestic, Geran is elected by means of the town council to trace the blood-thirsty pirates to their hidden base, infiltrate them, and locate the way to cease them earlier than it’s too overdue. however the pirates are inspired via greater than greed. relations to his enemies, they search a deeper revenge, one Geran simply starts to glimpse after they kidnap the girl he loves.

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But you won’t have to go to any more trouble on my account. My family’s coster has a trading concession there. ” “In that case, I suggest we ride another few miles and then get off the trail. ” Nimessa looked more closely at Geran. “Of course. You’re Geran Hulmaster, the harmach’s nephew. You’re the one who fought the King in Copper and killed Mhurren of the Bloodskulls. We heard the story. But what in the world were you doing by that beach? ” Geran allowed himself a small smile. ” He helped Nimessa up into the saddle again, not that she really needed the assistance, then settled himself behind her.

When Geran risked another look over his shoulder, he could see dozens of men seizing burning brands from their bonfire and starting up the hill after them. The slope was treacherous in the dark; loose soil and rock slipped under their feet, and he had to keep an eye ahead to make sure they didn’t flee into a bluff they couldn’t scale, as well as watching the pirates who followed. He found their way blocked by a thick patch of brush at the foot of the cliff and realized they were climbing up by a different way than he’d come down.

I have the great good fortune to work with a number of highly intelligent, highly creative, and highly motivated people each day. Being a game designer is a pretty good way to make a living. Being a game designer who gets to work with the people I work with is a fantastic way to make a living. You all rock. Finally, a special thanks to Kim, my wonderful wife, who patiently puts up with many, many hours of me chaining myself to the computer and complaining about it. Two down and one to go, sweetheart!

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