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In the first portion of this e-book the micro-anatomy of the coronary sinus is defined with its direction and form, size and width, myocardial conceal and preliminary and terminal valves. The quantity, diameter and mode of openings of the main cardiac veins are made up our minds and documented. an outline and interpretation of the draining platforms of the human middle in regards to the coronary sinus intervention tools is mentioned within the moment half.

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V. Lüdinghausen M. Myocardial coverage of the coronary sinus and related veins. Clinical Anatomy 1992; 5:1-15. 34 Coronary Sinus Interventions in Cardiac Surgery 9. Malhotra VK, Tewari SP, Tewari PS, Agarwa SK. Coronary sinus and its tributaries. Anat Anz (Jena) 1980; 148:331-332. 10. Maros TN, Racz L, Plugor TG. Contribution to the morphology of the human coronary sinus. Anat Anz (Jena) 1983; 154: 133-144. 11. Marshall J. In: Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. 26th ed, Philadelphia: WB Saunders 1985.

Com. The Venous Drainage of the Myocardium in the Human Heart 19 Fig. 1. Posterior surface of a corrosion cast of the cs of a human heart. The cs has a length of about 40 mm and a cylindrical shape. Its diameter at origin is about 6 mm, the midcoronary diameter is about 8 mm and the ostial diameter about 8 mm as well. (1) atrial ostium of the coronary sinus; location of the valve of Thebesius; (2) coronary sinus; (3) great cardiac vein (V. coronaria sinistra); (4) left marginal vein; (5) posterior left ventricular; (6) middle cardiac vein (V.

At its origin, the seam of the coat was often irregularly formed. In some cases it spread over the origin of the cs to the terminal part of the great cardiac vein (V. coronaria sinistra). Here it developed a myocardial cuff, or one or two myocardial belts, which surrounded the terminal portion of the great cardiac vein. In other cases the seam had an ill-defined edge with a splitting of the myocardial fibers8 (Fig. 7). At the terminal (right) part of the cs there was no conspicuous landmark in the posterior portion of the coronary sulcus.

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