By Pete Earley

ISBN-10: 039914188X

ISBN-13: 9780399141881

The writer of Family of Spies draws on interviews with KGB undercover agent Aldrich Ames and the brokers who stuck him to provide a radical account of the fellow and the remarkable harm he did to the CIA. 80,000 first printing. $75,000 ad/promo.

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It was River Falls' biggest business. Even before he had accepted the college presidency in 1917, Jesse had distinguished himself by coauthoring a series of successful American history textbooks with his brother, Merle. Jesse was perhaps the town's most important citizen and he played that role well. He gave orders only once and demanded perfection. That was how he ran the college and, everyone assumed, his home. Jesse's wife, Louise, was at least a foot shorter than her rail-thin husband and was as gregarious as he was dour.

Government," he bragged. , where Carleton was trained to be a case officer. They left for Burma in early September 1953. Rick was twelve years old, Nancy was eleven, Alison was eight. None of them had a clue about what was really going on. S. embassy compound but instead rented a spectacular house in one of Rangoon's most affluent neighborhoods. Surrounded by a high privacy wall, the house had been used during the war as headquarters for a Japanese cavalry regiment. The two-story villa came with an array of exotic servants: Ba Win, a dignified and aloof Burmese bearer; Sammy—no one knew his real name—a black Madras cook who plunged his hand into boiling water while cooking to determine how hot the water was; Ba Nee, the Ames family's chauffeur who had been a machine-gunner with the Burma Independence Army, fighting first with the Japanese and later against them; and a procession of maids, clothes washers, and housekeepers.

He chuckles, and just as quickly begins to cough, the result of too many cigarettes. He has smoked since he was a teenager, and he is not going to stop now that he is in his mid-fifties and confined in jail. There are too few pleasures behind bars. Treason. Why did Rick Ames betray his country? He toys with the question, addressing it in the third person, as if he himself is curious to discover an answer. Was it some event that sparked Rick Ames to become a traitor or had the seeds for it always been in his blood, slumbering inside some defective DNA, waiting to burst free?

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