By Jin Y. Park

ISBN-10: 0739122665

ISBN-13: 9780739122662

Comparative Political thought and Cross-Cultural Philosophy explores new kinds of philosophizing within the age of globalization through demanding the traditional border among the East and the West, in addition to the conventional barriers between diversified educational disciplines. This wealthy research demonstrates the significance of cross-cultural pondering in our interpreting of philosophical texts and explores how cross-cultural considering transforms our knowing of the normal philosophical paradigm.

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It is true that the ascendancy of economic categories in John Locke’s liberalism and Karl Marx’s socialism in Western modernity downgrades political categories and subordinates them to economic ones. However, it is unrealistic today to identify the public with the political because this ignores the “publicness” of the economic. , matters of the household (oikos) activities assigned to slaves in ancient Greece is far short of demarcating legitimately what constitutes the public. It became outmoded in the beginning of Western modernity.

A few words of caution: understanding the other (the “foreign” other in particular), as anthropology as well as psychoanalysis has shown, is a difficult and demanding undertaking for no other reason than that the other as a moving target is always other than itself. Indeed, the other is the “black hole” of all 28 Chapter 1 understanding, all conceptualization, and all relationships. ” Furthermore, comparativists should be aware of Akira Kurosawa’s film Rashomon, which presents four different but equally plausible accounts of the same murder.

Moreover, the lateral universal as a new way of thinking may be likened to digging another hole in a new place rather than digging the same hole (vertically or hierarchically) deeper and deeper with no exit in sight (see de Bono, 1968). 12 In the conceit of his Eurocentrism, Hegel judges the “Oriental philosophy” of China in a cavalier fashion. ” Then he (1892, vol. 1: 121) caps his commentary on Confucius and rushes into a hasty prejudgment: “Cicero gives us De Officiis, a book of moral teaching more comprehensive and better than all the books of Confucius” (italics added).

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