By Thomas Feiling

An in-depth, narrative learn of the cocaine industry—from the fields of Colombia to the streets of latest York—as it has by no means been informed before.
Cocaine is gigantic company and getting higher. Governments spend hundreds of thousands on a wasting conflict opposed to it, but it's nonetheless the drug of selection within the West. How did the cocaine financial system turn into so giant? Who retains it working at the back of the scenes?

In Cocaine Nation, Tom Feiling travels the alternate routes from Colombia through Miami, Kingston and Tijuana to London and New york. he meets Medellin hitmen, U.S. kingpins, Brazilian traffickers, and talks to squaddies and narcotics officials who struggle the gangs and cartels. He lines cocaine's growth from criminal 'pick-me-up' to luxurious product to international commodity, seems at legalization courses in nations corresponding to Switzerland, and indicates how America's anti-drugs campaign is admittedly expanding call for. slicing via the myths in regards to the white alternate, this is often the tale of cocaine as it's by no means been informed prior to.

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