By Theodore Provder

ISBN-10: 0841213771

ISBN-13: 9780841213777

ISBN-10: 0841226253

ISBN-13: 9780841226258

content material: Calibration of a photosedimentometer utilizing sedimentation field-flow fractionation and fuel chromatography / R.A. Arlauskas, D.R. Burtner, and D.H. Klein --
Particle-size research utilizing circulation field-flow fractionation / S. Kim Ratanathanawongs and J. Calvin Giddings --
Separation and characterization of polymeric latex beads and aggregates through sedimentation field-flow fractionation / Bhajendra N. Barman and J. Calvin Giddings --
Polymer separation and molecular-weight distribution via thermal field-flow fractionation / Marcus N. Myers, Peter Chen, and J. Calvin Giddings --
Copolymer retention in thermal field-flow fractionation : dependence on composition and conformation / Martin E. Schimpf, Louise M. Wheeler, and P.F. Romeo --
Gel-content decision of polymers utilizing thermal field-flow fractionation / Seungho Lee --
severe stipulations within the liquid chromatography of polymers / D. Hunkeler, T. Macko, and D. Berek --
Single-parameter common calibration curve / R. Amin Sanayei, K.F. O'Driscoll, and Alfred Rudin --
particular refractive index increments decided through quantitative size-exclusion chromatography / Rong-shi Cheng and Shi-lin Zhao --
Copolymer characterization utilizing traditional size-exclusion chromatography and molar-mass-sensitive detectors / F. Gores and P. Kilz --
Size-exclusion chromatography and end-group research of poly(methyl methacrylate) / Somnath S. Shetty and L.H. Garcia-Rubio --
a method for examining multidetector size-exclusion chromatography facts. 1, improvement of a scientific method / Thomas H. Mourey and Stephen T. Balke --
a technique for examining multidetector size-exclusion chromatography information. 2, purposes in plastic waste restoration / Stephen T. Balke, Ruengsak Thitiratsakul, Raymond Lew, Paul Cheung, and Thomas H. Mourey --
Single-capillary viscometer used for exact decision of molecular weights and Mark-Houwink constants / James Lesec, Michele Millequant, and Trevor Havard --
Gel permeation chromatography-viscometry : a number of solvent platforms / C. Kuo, Theodore Provder, and M.E. Koehler --
Absolute Mn made up our minds by way of gel permeation chromatography-differential viscometry / Judah M. Goldwasser --
Size-exclusion chromatographic review of long-chain department frequency in polyethylenes / Simon Pang and Alfred Rudin --
Gel permeation chromatography-Fourier remodel IR spectroscopy to represent ethylene-based polyolefin copolymers / R.P. Markovich, L.G. Hazlitt, and Linley Smith-Courtney --
Molecular-weight selection of poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) / Arja Lehtinen and Hannele Jakosuo-Jansson --
Size-exclusion chromatography of cationic, nonionic, and anionic copolymers of vinylpyrrolidone / Chi-san Wu, James F. Curry, and Lawrence Senak --
Size-exclusion chromatography to symbolize cotton fiber / Judy D. Timpa --
Structural research of aggregated polysaccharides by way of high-performance size-exclusion chromatography-viscometry / Marshall L. Fishman, David T. Gillespie, and Branka Levaj.

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N . ; Giddings, J. C. Powder Technol. 1989, 59, 5363. Ratanathanawongs, S. ; Giddings, J. C. J. Chromatogr. 1989, 467, 341-356. Giddings, J. ; Chen, X . ; Myers, M. N. Anal. Chem. 1987, 59, 1957-1962. Ratanathanawongs, S. ; Giddings, J. C. ; ACS Symposium Series No. 472; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1991; pp 229-246. ; Winegarner, H . ; Caldwell, K . ; Giddings, J. C. Anal. Chem. 1986, 58, 573-578. Giddings, J. ; Benincasa, M . ; Li, P. J. Liq. , in press. Giddings, J. ; Ratanathanawongs, S.

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The diameter corresponding to any observed retention time can be obtained from the appropriate calibration plot such as that shown in Figure 9b based on the fractogram of Figure 8. The times corresponding to the first moments of the eluted chromatographic support peaks were used here. From these values of t the corres-ponding diameters d could be obtained from the straight line calibration plot of Figure 9b. The FFF measured diameters of 12 and 6 um indicate that these silica particles are larger than their nominal values of 10 and 5 um for Optisil and Selectosil, respectively.

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