By Stephen Krensky

ISBN-10: 0822538172

ISBN-13: 9780822538172

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And before that bear made a meal out of him, Bill started wrestling. The bear had his claws, but Bill had a knife. Over and over they tumbled. When the dust finally settled, Bill had himself a new fur coat. Anyone who could handle a bear like that was Calamity Jane’s kind of person. So Bill and Calamity became friends and traded tales of their famous deeds. For a real adventure, said Wild Bill, she should ride for the Pony Express. The Pony Express was a string of riders who carried the mail across the frontier.

44 The Pony Express was gone. There were no more stagecoaches to rescue. In their place was that belching monster called the railroad. 45 People were even talking about putting bathrooms indoors, but Calamity knew that was a load of foolishness. Still, there was no denying the town had changed. Now Calamity wasn’t about to get misty over these things. But she wasn’t ready for a rocking chair just yet. So when she found herself sitting still long enough to see a spider spin a web, she knew it was time to move on.

So Calamity took the job. Her route was 50 miles back and forth through the Black Hills. It was rough country and not just because of the rocks and ravines. Outlaws often waited on the trail. They robbed the riders of money or packages that they were carrying. 33 On her third day, Calamity Jane found three outlaws waiting for her in a narrow pass. “Throw down your bags,” one of them told her. 34 “Can’t do that,” she answered. ” “You could get a lot worse than that,” said another, f lashing his gun.

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