By Mercedes Lackey

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ISBN-13: 9780886774639

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Kero stood up, as tall as her shaking knees were permitting, and raised her chin defiantly. “Why not me - if you’ll help, I can do it. ” She was all worked up and ready to say a lot more, but to her surprise, Kethry nodded. “There’s truth in that, child,” her grandmother said softly. “More truth than you know. And now I know who it is I’ve been waiting for all these years. . ” Waiting? ” The sorceress crossed the room to one of the shadow-shrouded corners, and bent over a chest, opening it with a creak of iron hinges.

Her gorge rose. I’ve killed a man, myself Except that she didn’t know the blow that had killed him. If it had been her doing, she’d have just hit him from behind with the pommel. Nothing like that was in anything Dent had taught her. It was the sword. It had to be. Only a magic sword would have been able to manipulate her like a puppet. And Need was, of course, a magic sword, and had been described as giving Kethry the same power it had just apparently given Kero. I never thought it would happen like that - just take me over like that.

Four The moon was down, but Tarma had no problem following Warrl. Any time she lost him, he’d be sure to set her right with acidic delight. She was far more concerned with her mare’s footing in the uncertain light. One false step and the rescue could be ended with a broken foreleg. Shin’a’in-bred horses were damned canny, but accidents could still happen to anyone. She was glad now she’d left her old mare back with the Clan two years ago, and had taken a younger beast. This was the fourth warsteed to carry the name “Hells-bane,” but she was the best so far.

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