By James Ladd

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The Royal Marines are revered around the globe as one of many actually elite battling forces. Researched with lively co-operation of the Royal Marines, this article is the reliable historical past of the corps from the top of worldwide conflict I to the current day. the most cmapaigns are illustrated with maps and there's a entire record of orders of conflict and unit association.

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Control was difficult, as there was a 7-degree list to starboard,12 and messengers carried what little communication was possible aboard, but Exeter continued at full power to maintain contact with the enemy. The after turret was in action until its magazine flooded, but by then she was falling behind in what had become a chase; for since the action began, Achilles and Ajax had striven to cripple - if they might not sink - the Graf Spee. Despite her secondary armament of 150-mm guns firing steadily, if inaccurately, at the two 6-inch gunned cruisers, they kept up a spirited fire.

BY SEA BY LAND At 0430 British destroyers begin first of three attacks on ships up the fjord at Narvik - the First Battle of Narvik. Sixteen Skuas sink Königsberg in Bergen at 0700. At 0730 the battleship HMS Warspite and the carrier HMS Furious join the group west of Bergen, but priority is given to retaking Narvik. Thursday -11 April: Furious flies off planes for night attack on Trondheim, but principal target, the cruiser Admiral Hipper, has slipped south in heavy seas a few hours earlier. Cruiser HMS Penelope is badly holed near Bodö on rocks when searching - as other ships were - for German transports.

It was not always an unpleasant task, for in January 1919 on the shores of the Bosphoros 170 men of the 3rd RM Battalion sunned themselves, ready to man guns in Turkish forts should the Russian civil war spill into the Mediterranean. 50 Soon after this, the Admiralty was to set the Corps different problems, as advanced Naval bases would be required in any major conflict. General Godfrey, when a Colonel in 1919, lectured on 'Combined Operations' at the Naval Staff College, pointing out that at that time 'without the fleet to assure communications, no British Army can safely leave its native shores'.

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