By Jeff Wilson (Author), Mark Unno (Foreword), Taitetsu Unno (Foreword)

ISBN-10: 0861715837

ISBN-13: 9780861715831

Jeff Wilson begun his stroll at the Buddha's course as a Zen practitioner - taking on a practice of lively self-effort, extensive meditation, and meticulous recognition to rectitude in each motion. yet in Jeff's case, instead of liberating him from his affliction, he discovered these Zen practices made him not anything in need of unbearable. And so he became to Shin Buddhism - a course that's simply the preferred in Zen's place of origin of Japan yet is basically unknown within the West.

Shin emphasizes an "entrusting heart," a center that's capable of obtain with gratitude each second of our mistake-filled and busy lives. in addition, via strolling the Shin course, Jeff comes see that every folks (himself specially integrated) are really "foolish beings," humans so choked with without end coming up "blind passions" and ingrained conduct that we so simply reason damage despite our greatest intentions. or even so, Shin holds out the tantalizing chance that, through actually entrusting our silly selves to the compassionate universe, we will discover ways to see how this silly existence, simply because it is, is still additionally a lifetime of grace.

Buddhism of the guts is a wide-ranging booklet of essays and open-hearted tales, reflections that run the gamut from intensely own to generally philosophical, introducing the reader to a impressive spiritual culture of compassionate popularity.

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The evil god Mara appeared to frighten and tempt Siddhartha. When this failed, he challenged the young man’s right to liberation. Siddhartha simply bent and touched the earth with his hand. Mother Earth trembled and sprang up, wringing the ocean from her hair and washing Mara away. Siddhartha sat serenely, his eye on the rising morning star, and he came ever after to be known as the Buddha, the One Who Awakened. The Buddha became the Buddha because of his father and mother, because of his courtiers and the peasants in the fields, because of the horse that he rode to the forest, the sages who encouraged his pursuits, the ascetics who taught him mortification and also ultimately let him see that mortification isn’t the answer, the stream that bathed him, the girl who fed him and the food, the boy and the grass, the tree, the Serpent King, and the earth, because of the star that rose and shone just-as-it-was, because of the air that Siddhartha breathed in as he sat, because of the sun that provided him heat and nourished the plants he ate—everything everywhere came together to produce the Buddha.

In this sense, humility and freedom go hand in hand. Only a humble person can be free. Buddhism is a path leading to humility and freedom. I like this image of the self as a jagged rock gradually worn down by the pounding waves, and Haneda’s emphasis on humility, a core value for Shin Buddhists. With humility as a value, we don’t have to pretend that we are something other than what we truly are. Really, we never gain anything by hiding who we are. So many times I have met others who are putting on a face of spirituality, but are really hiding jagged rocks.

According to the story, this sutra was preached to Queen Vaidehi by Shakyamuni Buddha after she was imprisoned by her wicked son Ajatasatru. It is thus significant because it is directed to someone who is (1) a layperson, (2) a woman, and (3) an imprisoned criminal (she had committed the crime of high treason by helping her imprisoned husband survive). It is therefore a teaching expressly directed at the sort of people who were often left out of the elite male monastic traditions that have dominated much of Buddhism.

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