By Phyllis Eisenstein

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Minstrelsy had turned from labour to pleasure during the years they spent together, but Alaric had never forgotten how to steal. He tethered his horse near a particularly large clump of grass and removed the heavy saddle. He doffed his cloak and the lute he wore beneath it, gently wrapping the instrument against the chill air and laying it across the saddle, so that only the tip of its sharply angled neck touched the damp ground. Then he backed off till he was out of sight - Lightfoot, having been trained for combat, did not shy easily, but his master preferred to take no chances.

Actually, he did nothing but watch the minstrel, clearly uneasy about an edged weapon in unpredictable hands. He only called a halt and claimed the axe when the last rays of the sun were about to fade behind the forest. Alaric stumbled to the already sizable woodpile with the fruits of his labour, barely able to stack it in some semblance of order. His arms felt as if they were about to drop off, and his back was a pillar of fire; he hadn't had so much exercise since the days of his battle-training in the courtyard of Castle Royale.

He worked sporadically, his attention constantly diverted by nearby movement: Gavver splitting rails for the new coop; a curious fox peeking out of the woods; a grey dove flapping about the roof before settling in the dovecot. A disorderly stack of finished shingles grew beside him; occasionally, the topmost one would slide off and clatter to the ground - after the third time, he left it where it lay. Mizella was scrubbing floors. He had watched her all morning as she made regular trips outside to toss dirty water into the woods and draw fresh buckets at the well.

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