By Lin Anderson

ISBN-10: 0954633350

ISBN-13: 9780954633356

A rooster evening in Glasgow leaves the bride-to-be useless on a bathroom ground, her physique twisted, her face stretched in a macabre grin. without suspect and no cause the police hit a brick wall. however the assassin has left a hidden path of forensic proof for Dr Rhona MacLeod to discover. A path that ends up in an international of exploitation and sexual obsession. "The eco-friendly baize partitions and seriously carpeted hallway smothered all sound. She handed 4 doorways and stood outdoors quantity 5, anticipating the double vodka to swim via her blood movement. there have been 4 of them. Spiked hair, clothier stubble, muscled our bodies less than patterned short-sleeved shirts. A stag evening perhaps? or simply men who beloved understanding on women like her.

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