By Adam K. Webb

ISBN-10: 0415953138

ISBN-13: 9780415953139

"Beyond the worldwide tradition struggle" provides a cross-cultural critique of worldwide liberalism and argues for a broad-based problem which could meet it by itself scale. Adam Webb is one in every of our most fun and unique younger students, and this booklet is bound to generate many new debates. This well timed quantity probes the various key demanding situations we are facing within the new millennium. this can be crucial analyzing for all scholars of politics and globalization.

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Occasionally, wrenching changes had to occur for the sake of long-term interests that most people were too shortsighted to grasp. 65 This view of political action appealed to the usual atomist level of interests, except this time future interests. Conveniently, people who stood in the way of such state vigor could be ignored, as blindly blocking progress from which they themselves would benefit in the end. The atomist character ideal comes through quite clearly in how ancient atomists described rulership.

35 This outlook carries over into seeing the boundaries among religions as artificial. Hinduism and Islam have generated some of the most sophisticated thought along these lines, perhaps because their geographic position in the middle of Eurasia has allowed intense encounters with neighboring faiths. 36 Since all religions spring from the same source, all objects of worship contain a spark of divinity. Mystics everywhere have seen spiritual truth as universal, cutting across the divides of doctrine and scripture.

People who occupy the highest echelons of humanity do so because they are governed by the best within themselves. Thinkers have described these admirable qualities in different ways, of course. For Mencius, the key virtue was benevolence, the opposite of passions and pettiness. 37 Whatever the emphasis, virtuocrats ground their self-understanding in certain enduring, intrinsic virtues. So far, virtuocracy parallels the perfectionist sense of a true self that events and disorder cannot shake, an enduring set of qualities that define a virtuous life.

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Beyond the Global Culture War (Global Horizons) by Adam K. Webb

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