By Angel Rabasa, Peter Chalk, Kim Cragin, Sara A. Daly, HEather S. Gregg

ISBN-10: 083303930X

ISBN-13: 9780833039309

Examines al-Qaeda's evolution and the emergence of the wider worldwide jihadist movement--groups affiliated, linked, or encouraged by way of al-Qaeda--and the hazard that they pose to the us and U.S. allies and pursuits. The authors finish via starting up a four-pronged technique to counter the jihadist possibility.

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Al-Qaeda’s Ideology and Propaganda 9 underground organizations, ideology can serve other purposes as well. ”7 These features are readily apparent in the al-Qaeda worldview. At its core, al-Qaeda’s ideology is profoundly internationalist, attempting to contextualize local conflicts as part of a broader global struggle against apostasy (as defined by bin Laden and his circle). ”15 6 Della Porta (2001), p. 149. 7 Della Porta (2001), p. 149. For a discussion of the role of ideology in insurgent movements, see Scott (1979), pp.

This includes Arab media such as the satellite stations al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya. But it also includes Western media sources, particularly CNN, the BBC, ABC news, MSNBC, and other major news networks that have broadcast al-Qaeda’s audio and videotapes—particularly those claiming to be of bin Laden—along with other materials such as its training videos. ”56 Although difficult to measure, the persistence of al-Qaeda’s propaganda over the past nine years suggests that it is affecting its various audiences in a way that its leadership sees as useful.

S. counterterrorism policy and security assistance programs. S. Air Force—the world’s premier practitioner of air mobility—will probably find itself called upon to directly provide transportation under some circumstances. S. military, including the Air Force. It seems likely that these training missions could be numerous and potentially prolonged. S. personnel is quite high, they will impose force protection burdens. Finally, the fundamentally political nature of the battle against jihadist groups means that in some cases the training objectives will revolve at least as much around inculcating appropriate norms of behavior, such as respect for human rights and civilian lives and property, as transmitting expertise in operational and tactical skills.

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Beyond Al-Qaeda, Part 1: The Global Jihadist Movement by Angel Rabasa, Peter Chalk, Kim Cragin, Sara A. Daly, HEather S. Gregg

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