By Dick Ringler

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Dick Ringler's deceptively easy translation captures the rhythm, flow, and gear of the unique previous English poem whereas using a fluid smooth English kind and a comparatively spare vocabulary. His beneficiant advent, a full of life but masterly consultant to the paintings, with his translations of 3 shorter outdated English poems elucidate a massive English textual content virtually as famous for its subtlety and intricacy because it is for its monsters and heroes.

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It is hard to imagine what “lord of the Geats” can be meant, if not Hrethel. xliv Introduction The trick of divulging important information only at the point at which it will be most dramatically or thematically effective occasionally results in two statements, at different points in the poem, that seem to contradict each other—and were sometimes regarded by early scholars as evidence of the poet’s poor control of his material. In listening to an oral poem, the hearer cannot of course flip back a hundred pages to check something in the text, nor can he consult an index.

It would come to pass in the cruel wars of the harsh future, when Hygelac was dead and his son Heardred had been slain in combat. . (4393–4404) After this we are in altogether new territory. — he is ancient, doubt-ridden, and doomed. This sudden juxtaposition gives us a jolt that is nicely calculated to make us realize that no matter how much time may elapse between our own youth and old age, it is really only the blink of an eye, which is certainly how it feels in retrospect. This abrupt but studied contrast of the hero’s youth and old age is thus part of the poet’s ongoing insistence on the inevitability of reversal (edwenden) in human affairs.

Liv Introduction • Later still (ca. 515) he sailed to Denmark40 and delivered the Danes and their king Hrothgar from the depredations of Grendel and his mother. • Returning home to the land of the Geats, he accompanied his uncle Hygelac on a reckless and ill-starred raid against the Franks (ca. 520), swimming back to the land of the Geats after Hygelac’s defeat and death, turning down the offer of the Geatish throne made to him by Hygd (Hygelac’s widow), and acting as regent for her son Heardred until Heardred came of age.

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