By Heather O'Donoghue, Kevin Crossley-Holland

ISBN-10: 0192833200

ISBN-13: 9780192833204

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The best literary paintings handed all the way down to us from Anglo-Saxon instances, Beowulf celebrates the lifestyles of heroism in a dismal international of feuds, violence, and uncertainty. Set within the mythical Scandinavian prior, Beowulf involves the help of the Danish king Hrothgar via killing the terrifying monster Grendel and its vengeful mom. a life-time later, Beowulf courageously prepares for an additional nice conflict while a fiery dragon threatens his personal state. This acclaimed translation includes a severe creation, an entire index of names, and broad notes.

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Beowulf spokehis cotslet, cunningly linked by the smith, was shining: 'Greetings, Hrothgar! I am Hygelac's kinsman and retainer. In my youth I achieved many daring exploits. Word of Grendel's deeds has come to me in my own country; seafarers say that this hall Heorot, best of all buildings, stands empty and useless as soon as the evening light is hidden under the sky. So, Lord Hrothgar, men known by my people to be noble and wise advised me to visit you because they knew of my great strength: they saw me themselves when, stained by my enemies' blood, I returned from the fight when I destroyed five, a family of giants, and by night slew monsters on the waves; I suffered great hardship, avenged the affliction of the Storm-Geats and crushed their fierce foesthey were asking for trouble.

W. Chambers (Cambridge, 1912). html2010-9-9 20:31:01 next page > page_xxxiv < previous page page_xxxiv next page > Page xxxiv Websites A complete digital facsimile of the Beowulf manuscript is a forth-coming electronic publication of the British Library. html2010-9-9 20:31:02 next page > page_xxxv < previous page page_xxxv next page > Page xxxv Time Chart Though Beowulf is timeless, drawing material from the wealth of Anglo-Saxon culture and from many countries, the time chart sets the poem in a historical perspective.

Html2010-9-9 20:30:59 next page > page_xxviii < previous page page_xxviii next page > Page xxviii ofer hronrade hyran scolde, gomban gyldan. Pæt * wæs god cyning! over (the) whale-road had to obey, tribute (had) to pay. That was (a) fine king! 'illustrates the essential features of Old English poetic style. Each full line falls into two half-lines, commonly separated in modern editions by a short space which is usually felt to represent a natural pause in the metre, a caesura. The half-lines are linked by alliteration: the first accented syllable in each second half-line begins with the same sound as one or both of the two accented syllables in the preceding half-line.

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