By Tom Wolfe

ISBN-10: 0316214590

ISBN-13: 9780316214599

As a police release speeds throughout Miami’s Biscayne Bay—with officer Nestor Camacho on board—Tom Wolfe is off and working. Into the feverous panorama of town, he introduces the Cuban mayor, the black police leader, a wanna-go-muckraking younger journalist and his Yale-marinated editor; an Anglo sex-addiction psychiatrist and his Latina nurse via day, loin lock by way of night-until in recent years, the affection of Nestor’s lifestyles; a cultured, and oh-so-light-skinned younger girl from Haiti and her Creole-spouting, black-gang-banger-stylin’ little brother; a billionaire porn addict, crack purchasers within the ‘hoods, “de-skilled” conceptual artists on the Miami artwork Basel reasonable, “spectators” on the annual Biscayne Bay regatta taking a look just for that night’s orgy, yenta-heavy ex-New Yorkers at an “Active Adult” apartment, and a nest of shady Russians. according to an analogous type of particular, on-scene, high-energy reporting that powered Tom Wolfe’s earlier bestselling novels, again TO BLOOD is one other awesome, spot-on, scrupulous, and sometimes hilarious reckoning with our occasions.

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