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During cardiopulmonary bypass, high-flow and high mean arterial pressure (60 mmHg), hyperoxygenation and maintenance of high hematocrit (> 25%) are advised. (Arnoni et al. 2003). 7. Outcome A study compared pregnancy outcome in women who have had surgical repair of ASD before conception with women who have not had repair. 60 women (115 pregnancies) had surgery for ASD while 20 women (48 pregnancies) had unrepaired ASD. Incidence of still births, recurrence of congenital heart defect in the offspring or long term cardiac complications were similar in both groups.

2011). Device closure of atrial septal defect during pregnancy for recurrent cerebrovascular accidents. Int J Cardiol 148:240241. , et al. (2009). Recurrence of congenital heart defects in families. Circulation 2009;120:295-301. Peisiewicz, W, Goch, A. Blinikowski, Z, et al. (2004). Changes in the cardiovascular system during pregnancy in women with secumdum atrial septal defect. Kardiol Pol. 60:218-228. Perloff, JK, Koos, BJ. (1992) Pregnancy and congenital heart disease In: Congenital Heart Disease in Adults, Perloff, JK & Childs, JS.

1997). Further, infants with secundum ASD are more likely to be small for gestational age irrespective of their gestational age at delivery. , 1999). The cause(s) of the association of secundum ASD with low gestational age and low birth weight is unclear at the current time. One possibility is that ASD might somehow impair normal fetal growth. Another possibility is that both altered fetal growth and secundum ASD represent cooutcomes of an associated causal risk factor. Clearly, more investigation is necessary.

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