By Doboom; Mullin, Glenn Tulku

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The Colophon: "Cultivating an Understanding of the Two Levels of Truth" by the Acharya and Maha-pandita Dipamkara Shrijnana is thus complete. It was translated into Tibetan (from the original Sanskrit) edited and finalized by the master himself and the translator Lotsawa Gya-tsun-drub Seng-ge. 49 CHAPTER V ~ THREE IDGHER TRAININGS 1 by His Holiness The Dalai Lama These days the peoples of the east and west have come into an increasingly close contact with one another especially in the spheres of religion and philosophy.

4. Ultimate truth is singular, Conventional truth is multiple. 44 How can one speak of a second or third (ultimate truth) When (the ultimate) refers to the Dharmata not produced in any way? 5. The Dharmata is indicated by doctrinal words such as 'unborn' and 'undying'. Because ultimately it is beyond duality, There is no division into basis and essential nature. 6. There is no multiplicity In emptiness, (the ultimate truth): When one realizes in the manner of non-realization, We conventionally say, 'emptiness is seen'.

35. Relying on the bodhimind as one's carriage, Constantly prod the horses With the iron whip of mindfulness of death. accomplish fearless Buddhahood. 36. Abiding in thoughts of refuge, Higher discipline and spiritual aspiration, Take upon yourself the oath of a Bodhisattva And gradually work in accordance with your capacity Through all the Bodhisattva practices. Such as the six perfections. 37. Read the Sutras dealing with the Bodhisattva ways And study the Shastras. Never be satiated with the teachings, Always seek more learning :3 This is the source of all progress, Like the ocean collects all rivers And become a bed of treasures.

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