By A.Kirk Grayson

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During this, the 7th quantity to be released by way of the Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia venture, A. Kirk Grayson offers the texts of the royal inscriptions from the sooner part of the Neo-Assyrian interval, a time within which the Assyrian kings campaigned so far as the Mediterranean and got here into direct touch with biblical lands. during this interval the Assyrian empire embraced many of the civilized elements of western Asia together with western Iran, Mesopotamia, southern Turkey, and the beaches of the Levant. It used to be a thrilling and tumultous interval concerning palace revolutions and harem intrigues, and it was once a time during which the mythical Semiramis performed a favourite role.The inscriptions communicate of the kings' development of palaces and temples in numerous elements of Assyria, of the gods who have been invoked to bless their agencies, of revolutions and a large number of army conquests. every one textual content is observed via a quick creation, a listing of exemplars, remark, bibliography, transliteration, translation, and notes. The publication comprises an creation to the quantity as an entire and indexes. 'Scores,' released on microfiche, can be found in a pocket in the back of the booklet.

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4 obv. MEŠ-WW KUR. KUR na-i-ri 81) LUGAL KUR 82) LUGAL KUR 83) PAP 84) i-na qé-reb KUR. MEs-Su-nu ki-ma ser-ma-Se 94) lu-me-si 2 Su-Si GIŠ. GIGIR. 3 omits na-i-ri. GIGIR. MEŠ-FTF ù 'my chariots and*, iv 83 PAP 'altogether' at the command of the god Aššur, (my) lord, I marched to the lands Nairi whose distant kings, (iv 50) on the shore of the Upper Sea in the west, had not known submission. I pushed through rugged paths and perilous passes, the interior of which (iv 55) no king had previously known, blocked trails (and) unopened remote regions.

The text notes that ŠamšT-Adad HI had earlier worked on the same structure (cf. RIMA 1 pp. 10011002). It also informs us that Aššur-dān i tore it down and that it was never rebuilt until Tiglath-pileser's reign. It is odd that he does not mention the fact that Aššur-rêša-iši i rebuilt the Anu-Adad temple (RIMA 1 pp. 7-8). 2-4 are successively later. CATALOGUE Ex. Museum number Registration number VA 8255 IM no number Ass number Ass ph number Assur provenance Lines preserved 22980 6905-09 South corner of west ziqqurrat of Anu-Adad temple, eA5v i 1 94 ii 1-102 ììì 1 103 Anu-Adad temple BM 91033 K 1 6 2 1 a - 13871 + 16923 BM 91034 K 1619a H-1633 K 1620+ 13714 + 13781 + 13788, K 1740 + 6711 + 13715 + 13716 + 13717+ 13836 + 13844+ 13869 + 14153, K 1803, K 1804, K 2749 + 14204, K 6706, K 13882, K 13883, K 14212 K 1622+ 1623 + 1624+ 1627 + iv 1-101 v 1-100 vi 1-105 vii 1-114 viii 1-90 As ex.

114. However, no such line appears in any of the preserved exs. 3 after üISKUR iv 5-6) At that time I gave that copper to the god Adad, who loves me. iv 7-31) With the exalted power of the god Aššur, my lord, I marched to the land Sugu of the land Habhu, (people) insubmissive to the god Assur, my lord. I fought on foot with 6,000 of (iv 10) their troops from the lands Himu, Lūhu, Arrirgu, Alamun, Nimnu, and all of the extensive Paphû. 11 lu-ú-hi. 1-2 omit i-na KUR hi-ri-hi ... KUR-5W-/7I/ \ \ fought) with all those lands ...

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