By Eric V. Larson, Derek Eaton, Brian Nichiporuk, Thomas S. Szayna

ISBN-10: 0833043226

ISBN-13: 9780833043221

ISBN-10: 0833047027

ISBN-13: 9780833047021

Presents an analytic framework and approach for the intelligence research of abnormal battle (IW) environments which may function the foundation for IW intelligence curriculum improvement efforts. Defines IW when it comes to stylized occasions: population-centric (such as counterinsurgency) and counterterrorism. offers a close evaluation of IW-relevant safety coverage and technique records and an inventory of correct doctrinal guides.

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Third, IW remains a somewhat nebulous concept, and the defense community has had great difficulty defining and operationalizing IW in a precise and generally agreed upon manner. However, despite some inconsistency in the treatment of IW, there seems to be less disagreement about the sorts of features that one must understand to be successful in IW and the common LLOs that underwrite IW. 27 We include in precision strikes the MQ-9 Reaper (formerly the RQ-1 Predator B) unmanned combat aerial vehicle, ground attack aircraft, long-range bombers, and cruise missiles.

Put another way, the framework was designed to enable analysts to “peel the onion” and thereby uncover critical characteristics of any given IW operating environment. The central idea of the framework is that it is an analytic procedure by which an analyst, beginning with a generic and broad understanding of a conflict and its environment and then engaging in successively more focused and detailed analyses of selective topics, can develop an understanding of the conflict and uncover the key drivers behind such phenomena as orientation toward the principal protagonists in the conflict, mobilization and recruitment, and choice of political bargaining or violence.

The classified SOCOM Global Campaign Plan for the War on Terrorism document would be expected to also discuss intelligence requirements of the greater war on terrorism (NMSPWOT, 2/06, p. 9). A next step for further refinement of intelligence requirements for the greater war on terrorism would be to review these documents. 40 Assessing Irregular Warfare: A Framework for Intelligence Analysis t t t t Operations Command (CDRUSSOCOM) as the supported commander in the greater war on terrorism. Annex F, Public Affairs: Coupled with the strategic communications guidance in Annex H, offers guidance for implementing public affairs campaigns in support of the greater war on terrorism.

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