By C. M. Rodkiewicz (eds.)

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Computing device generated contents be aware: 1. Nomenclature of ECG Deflections --
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The Limb Leads --
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4). No theoretical calculation of coefficients k. l exists and their determina- tion can be only carried out by data fitting (see later). 5) a + 1 D. Quemada 32 where '( is the Taylor's factor. With r as the drop interfacial tension, eq. 5) holds in the limit S =(~Fy a/r) << 1 , that is if particles undergo very small deformation. From eq. 5), Einstein's result is recovered with "rigid" particles suspension (ex » 1) , while gas bubble emulsion (ex<< 1) leads to k1 + 1 . 3. Viscosity of concentrated suspensions.

27a) P) 2 a -- 2 Eq. 5 a <1> + ... e. a= eff/<1> as expected. 7 were observed by PAPIR et KRIEGER (1970) for suspensions of monodisperse colloidal spheres. 61 ) calculated by Vand (1949) from hydrodynamic interactions between spheres. 4. Application to blood and RBC suspensions The models given above were extensively used to fit blood and RBC suspension data, obtained from artificially prepared samples*, since normal hematocrit is about 40 - 45 • As hematocrit is not the true volume concentration <1> , a difficulty arises for applying model equations to data.

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