By Noboru Motomura

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ISBN-13: 9789533076003

The aortic valve is found on the middle of the center. it's the center of cardiac anatomy and aortic valve surgical procedure has led the sector of cardiac surgical procedure. This booklet describes all points of aortic valve surgical procedure and it'll support make clear day-by-day questions in regards to the scientific perform in aortic valve surgical procedure, in addition to set off suggestion and new insights into this box.

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The fact that the bioprothesis used in young age can be exposed to early degeneration because of the rapid body metabolism or the requirement of anticoagulants in patients with preference of mechanical prosthetic valves are situations which have to be evaluated seperately. As the valve lesion present before pregnancy will become more pronounced with the pregnancy, patients can undergo a comfortable period during the pregnancy with the intervention to the valve lesion in that period. In these approaches, along with the medical treatment support, when required, balloon-plasty is the first preference.

If the numerical data did not correspond to normal distribution law, non-parametric statistical methods were used - Wilcoxon rank test. Power and direction of correlation between the signs were determined by Pearson correlation coefficient (r) and Spearman rank correlation, if distribution of the baseline data was not normal. The values of these tests range from -1 to +1. The extreme values are observed in signs associated with linear functional relation. The significance of selected correlation coefficient is assessed by statistics value r* n − 2 / 1 − r 2 = ta,f (1).

There is no specific recommendation for surgical strategy of multiple valve disease in ACC/AHA practice guideline (Bonow, 2008). Caus and colleagues reported that the rate of reoperative mortality was significantly higher in patients >65 years who had double valve replacement (Caus, 1999). Hence, some surgeons recommend mechanical valves for the majority of patients in double valve replacement (Urban, 2011). However, a cohort study of 1057 patients showed that biologic valves have the best in-hospital and long-term survival in patient ≥70 years undergoing concomitant aortic and mitral valve replacement (Leavitt, 2009).

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