By Timothy Zahn

ISBN-10: 081258418X

ISBN-13: 9780812584189

Angelmass, a black gap deep in area, emits "angels," small debris that render people calm, average, and nearly incapable of mendacity. The Empyrean, human colonies within the a ways reaches of the galaxy, has stumbled on the angels and the ability they wield. All contributors of Empyrean executive needs to hold an angel.The Earth-based Empire, the Pax, view the angels as an alien plot to subvert humanity. They dispatch Jereko Kosta, an blameless educational, to secret agent at the Empyrean and discover the reality approximately angels. With Chandris, a grifter who canines his steps, he enlists on an "angel-hunting" send. pack up, Kostas learns the angels could be extra risky than the Pax worry. prior to he can react, the Pax dispatches their strongest warship to confront the Empyrean. Now, Kosta and Chandris, one of the few who comprehend the reality in regards to the angels, stand among the Empyrean, the Pax, and struggle.

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Though considering there were five Empyreal worlds to the Pax's thirty-six, that was hardly a startling revelation. The shuttle came to a slightly bumpy stop at the terminal. A second bump a moment later heralded the arrival of the ramp, and Kosta tried to prepare himself for whatever action was about to be necessary. Another small thump and a whisper of fresh air, and the door was open. Retrieving his travel bag from beneath the seat, swallowing once to clear his ears, he joined the rest of the passengers in standing up and traffic-jamming the aisle.

I twisted it two months ago and it sometimes still goes out. " Kosta craned his neck, trying to look over the crowd. " "No, I'll be all right in a minute," she said. " "Sure," he said, stepping close to her. Her hand groped unsuccessfully for a good grip on his elbow. "Let's try this," he offered. Bracing himself, he slipped his arm around her shoulders. " "Yes—that's good," she said, putting her own arm around behind his back. " "No problem," Kosta assured her. " So; here we are, he thought as they set off, feeling a not entirely uncomfortable heat rising to his face.

No; whatever her reasons for watching him, they were probably something totally innocuous. Maybe he reminded her of someone she knew. Or maybe his table manners were even worse than he thought. He took another deep breath and forced himself to focus on the menu, wishing yet again that he hadn't insisted on going upper-class in the first place. The theory had seemed solid enough at the time: since most scientists and students would probably be riding in cheaper sections of the ship, the passengers up here would be less likely to recognize that he wasn't part of the Empyreal scientific community.

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