By Kim Stagliano

ISBN-10: 1616080698

ISBN-13: 9781616080693

How one girl increases 3 daughters with autism, loses one at Disney global, remains married, has intercourse, bakes gluten-free, is going broke, and retains her feel of humor.

"Dr. Spock? cost. Penelope Ann Leach (remember her?)? fee. what to anticipate while You’re awaiting? fee. I had a seven-hundred greenback Bellini crib for God’s sake! i used to be excellent. And so used to be Mia whilst she was once born . . ."

...and so starts off Kim Stagliano’s electrifying and hilarious memoir of her family’s trip elevating 3 daughters with autism. In those tales, Stagliano has joined the ranks of David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs along with her extraordinary skill to put every thing at the table—from kinfolk, pals, and enemies to basement floods to birthdays to (possible) heroin addictions—eviscerating and celebrating the absurd. From her love of Howard Stern to her expanding activism within the autism neighborhood and exhaustive look for remedies that might aid her daughters, she covers all of it. consistently outspoken, frequently touching, and occasionally heartbreaking, Kim Stagliano is a strong new voice in comedic writing—her “Kimoir” (as she calls it) might be a must-read in the autism neighborhood and the literary international at huge. 24 colour images

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So are my parents and someday, my kids, I hope. Mark and I have three children—it took quite a few more tries than three to produce them. We practiced for years, carefully preparing. I can write this chapter. I can. Here I go. Turn the page. HOWARD STERN EVERY DAY MARK AND I LIKE TO JOKE THAT, IN MANY WAYS, HE AND I HAVE reversed our X and Y chromosomes. For an Italian-Irish guy, Mark is enlightened, and almost always eager to pitch in and get a job done no matter whose “role” it is. This fluidity has served us well over the years in terms of who brings in the bacon, cares for the kids, cooks, cleans, and manages the ins and outs of a marriage and family.

When I agreed to marry Mark, little did I know that I’d shifted my life from Plan A to Plan X (as in X-files) without having the slightest clue of how different my life would be compared to what I then considered normal. Just as well I couldn’t see what was coming when I said yes to Mark. If a light came down from the clouds right now and a voice (imagine James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman) told you that in twenty years you, a prep school and college graduate, would not own your own home, would have less money in the bank than you did at age twenty-five, would have three children with autism, and would be happier than you ever thought possible, what would you do?

I nursed. I bought organic baby food. I vaccinated Mia without question. I read all the baby books and followed them to the letter: Dr. T. Berry Brazelton? Check. Dr. Spock? Check. Penelope Ann Leach (remember her)? Check. What to Expect When You’re Expecting? Check. I drove my poor mother insane instructing her on the “right” way to take care of an infant. ” I had a $700 Bellini crib, for God’s sake! I was perfect. And so was Mia when she was born. At her nine-month checkup, I reported that she had developed mysterious flat, uneven spots on her back and torso, as if drawn onto her skin with a Sharpie marker.

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