By Fox R.H., et al.

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Most manifolds do not admit a linear structure. for ' ( However, a triangulation of a manifold defines a local piece wise linear structure. Each cell has a linear structure and the linear structure of a face of a sufficient for agrees with that of the cell. This proves to be extending the concept of general position to triangulated cell manifolds. M The final step is to show that two homology classes of can be represented by cycles in general position. This is done by constructing * of a the dual complex of Let K' be simplicial triangulation K M K .

Of Math. (2), 35: 118-129. [56] ; 1935 [58] Topology (lectures 1934-35; notes by N. Steenrod and H. Wallman). Princeton University. , mimeographed. [59] Algebraicheskaia geometriia: metody, problemy, tendentsii. pp. 337-349, S'Vzda, 1, of Trudy Vtorogo Vsesoiuznogo Matematicheskogo Leningrad, 24-30 June 1934. Leningrad -Moscow. An invited address at the Second All -Union Mathematical Congress. vol. Chain -deformations in topology. Duke Math. , 1 1-18. [61] Application of chain -deformations to critical points and extremals.

Math. , 43: 345-359. Address of retiring president of the American Mathematical Society. [71] On the fixed point formula. Ann. of Math. (2), 38: 819-822. [70] 1938 [72] Lectures on Algebraic Geometry (Part II) 1937-1938. Princeton Uni- versity Press. , planographed. [73] On chains of topological spaces. Ann. of Math. (2), 39: 383-396. [74] On locally connected sets and retracts. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. , 24: 392-393. [75] [76] Sur les transformations des complexes en spheres (note complementaire).

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Algebraic geometry and topology. A symposium in honor of S. Lefschetz by Fox R.H., et al.

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