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Resuscitation provider : an outline -- Resuscitation gear -- popularity and remedy of the severely sick sufferer -- ideas of cardiac tracking and ECG acceptance -- Bystander uncomplicated existence aid -- Airway administration and air flow -- Defibrillation and electric cardioversion -- complicated existence aid -- Resuscitation in designated events -- Anaphylaxis -- Acute coronary syndromes -- administration of peri-arrest arrhythmias -- Post-resuscitation care -- Bereavement -- moral concerns in resuscitation -- Resuscitation documents -- Resuscitation education

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2002) Effects of a medical emergency team on reduction of incidence of and mortality from unexpected cardiac arrests in hospital: preliminary study. British Medical Journal 324:1–5. Buist M, Bernard S, Nguyen TV et al. (2004) Association between clinically abnormal observations and subsequent in-hospital mortality: a prospective study. Resuscitation 62:137–41. Cutherbertson B (2003) Outreach critical care – cash for no questions? British Journal of Anaesthesia 90(1):5–6. Department of Health (2000) Comprehensive Critical Care.

Problems encountered with cardiac monitoring Problems encountered with cardiac monitoring include: • ‘Straight line’ ECG trace – check the patient, monitoring lead selected (normally lead II), ECG gain, ECG leads and electrodes. B. asystole is rarely a straight line • Poor quality ECG trace – check all the connections and brightness display. Ensure the electrodes are correctly attached, are ‘in-date’ and that the gel sponge is moist, not dry (Perez, 1996). Ensure the skin where the electrodes are attached is dry.

5 Chest auscultation. 5): 1. Ask the patient to breath in and out normally through his mouth 2. Auscultate the anterior chest from side to side, and top to bottom. Auscultate over equivalent areas and compare the volume and character of the sounds and note any additional sounds. Compare the sounds during inspiration and expiration 3. Note the location and quality of the sounds heard 4. Auscultate the posterior chest, from side to side and top to bottom. Auscultate over equivalent areas and compare the volume and character of the sounds and note any additional Recognition and Treatment of the Critically Ill Patient 39 sounds.

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