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The relevant subject matter of this booklet is an invariant hooked up to an excellent classification of a wholly genuine algebraic quantity box. This invariant offers us with a unified realizing of classes of abelian kinds with advanced multiplication and the Stark-Shintani devices. it is a new perspective, and the ebook comprises many new effects concerning it. to put those ends up in right viewpoint and to provide instruments to assault unsolved difficulties, the writer offers systematic expositions of basic issues. hence the e-book treats the a number of gamma functionality, the Stark conjecture, Shimura's interval image, absolutely the interval image, Eisenstein sequence on $GL(2)$, and a restrict formulation of Kronecker's style. The dialogue of every of those issues is superior by means of many examples. the vast majority of the textual content is written assuming a few familiarity with algebraic quantity thought. approximately thirty difficulties are integrated, a few of that are fairly difficult. The booklet is meant for graduate scholars and researchers operating in quantity thought and automorphic kinds

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T. 2, Springer, 1990 (second edition). [12] Kirillov, article about representation, maybe quoted in [7]. , UMN (RMS) v. 32:6 (1977), 180-208. P. UMN (RMS), v. 35:6 (1980), 47-68. [15] Krichever I. , Novikov S. , Funk. Appl, v. 21:2 (1987), 46-63. [16] Krichever I. , Novikov S. , Funk. , v. 21:4 (1987), 47-61. [17] Krichever I. , Novikov S. Appl, v. 23:1 (1989). [18] Moser J. , v. 8, Birkhauser-Boston, 1980. [19] Moser J. Lezioni Fermiane. Pisa , 1981 [20] Novikov, Funk. Analysis Appl. 1974. , UMN (RMS) v.

32 For τ = 1 the cocycles γ pq are such that the “perturbed” metric tensor k pq g˜pq (u) = g pq (u) + εγ pq = cpq k u + εγ determines a new HTPB with the same (bpq k ). For the PB of a compressible liquid we have (n = 1, N = 3) and det(g pq (u)) ≡ 0 but there is a cocycle γ pq of order τ = 1 such that det(g pq (u) + εγ pq ) = 0 at the generic point u0 . Non-degenerate cocycles of order τ = 2 might be very interesting. We have different types of important coordinate structures associated with HTPB’s: • flat coordinates; • Riemann Invariants; • Lie algebra structures (linear coordinates); • Physical Coordinates (to be defined).

We have:  −V0 =   −V1 =    2 2 K rj  /3 − (r1 − r0 ) , 3 K −E j=0  (1 − s2 )k 2 , rj  /3 − (r1 − r0 ) 3 E − (1 − s2 )K j=0 2  (1 − s2 )K 2 , rj  /3 − (r2 − r0 ) 3 E j=0 r1 − r 0 s2 = , 0 ≤ s2 ≤ 1, r2 − r 0 V2 ≥ V 1 ≥ V 0 , r 2 ≥ r1 ≥ r0 . 2 −V2 =  (K and E are the elliptic integrals —see [4]). The special case r1 = r0 corresponds to a constant solution of KdV. The case r2 = r1 corresponds to a soliton which is rapidly descreasing . The generic “knoidal wave” has the form for KdV u(x, t) = 2P(x − ct) + const (P is a Weierstrass elliptic function corresponding to the algebraic curve Γ of genus g = m = 1).

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