By Ian Irvine

ISBN-10: 0446609846

ISBN-13: 9780446609845

With this gorgeous and unique debut, Ian Irvine starts the saga of The View from the replicate, a super epic delusion that competitors the works of Robert Jordan and J. V. Jones. "Once there have been 3 worlds, every one with its personal human race. Then, fleeing from out of the void got here a fourth race, the Charon. determined, at the fringe of extinction, they replaced the stability among the worlds forever..." the story of the Forbidding In precedent days the way in which among the Worlds used to be shattered, leaving bands of Aachim, Faellem, and Charon trapped with the previous people of Santhenar. Now Llian, a Chronicler of the good stories, uncovers a 3,000-year-old mystery too lethal to be revealed-while Karan, a tender delicate, is forced by means of honor to adopt a dangerous challenge. Neither can think they'll quickly meet as hunted fugitives, snared within the machinations of immortals, the vengeance of warlords, and the magics of strong mancers. For the swelling deluge of a millennial conflict is emerging, negative as a tsunami, able to forged torrents of sorcery and devastation around the land...

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Cried his friend Thandiwe, a tall handsome student. She and Llian had been friends for years, and occasionally lovers too. She was pointing toward the horizon. “A new star. That’s an omen if ever I saw one. ” Llian’s gaze followed her finger. It was not a star at all, but a nebula, for it had a definite shape. A dark-red blotch that he had never seen before, like a tiny spider. Suddenly Llian felt cold though it was a warm summer’s night. “An omen. I wonder what kind of an omen? ” “I’m coming too,” said Thandiwe, embracing him and tossing the waterfall of her black hair so that it covered them both.

Then the assembled masters forced his hand. They gave a great cry as of one throat, surged forward, bore Llian up and carried him across the stage in triumph. The whole room was laughing and crying, cheering and throwing their hats in the air. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Wistan followed them reluctantly. As they swayed across the room toward the exit, Llian caught sight of the red-haired woman again, staring at him. She tried to force her way through the crowd and once more he felt that extraordinary sensation, as though their minds were linked.

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