By Bobbie Kalman

ISBN-10: 1427165068

ISBN-13: 9781427165060

Younger readers may be extremely joyful to benefit all approximately temperate combined forests, that are choked with a wide selection of attention-grabbing crops and animals. A woodland Habitat explains, in easy-to-understand language, how the habitat adjustments because the seasons swap. Full-color photographs and illustrations additionally support train little ones about:

discovering nutrition in forests

woodland homes

Hibernation and migration

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Getting energy sun leaves 28 All living things need energy. Energy helps living things grow and move. Energy comes from the sun. Plants use the sun’s energy to make food. Animals get energy by eating. A woodrat is a herbivore. It gets energy by eating leaves. woodrat Energy for carnivores A carnivore gets energy by eating other animals. A spotted owl is a carnivore. It gets energy by eating a woodrat. 29 Warm in winter In autumn, many forest animals grow thicker fur. The thick fur keeps the animals warm in cold, winter weather.

Red-shouldered hawks fly to warm habitats for winter.

This wolf has thick winter fur. 30 Moving on Winter weather is too cold for some animals. These animals leave their forest habitats in autumn. They travel to warmer habitats for the winter. In spring, they return to their habitats. The weather becomes warm again in spring. Red-shouldered hawks fly to warm habitats for winter.

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