By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

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This moment quantity of an immense three-volume statement compiled through a world group of students contains specific discussions of diction within the Odyssey and the culture of epic diction quite often.

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Schri:iter, Die Aristie als Grundform homerischer Dichtung (diss. Marburg, 1950), g8 ff. 375-g. ) 11-oxAov: 'the IL6xAo> already mentioned' (3 1g-30). The tip of the stake, still green (xltwp6> 1T£p lwv 379; cf. flm9at; cf. G. Busch, Glotta, xxxiv (1955), 309). Focke, Odyssee, I 70-I, has refuted the technical objections raised by, among others, Merkelbach, Untersuchungen, 3 I 3· Page, Odyssey, IO-I I, and C. M. Bowra, in Companion, 53, have raised the possibility (and it is no more than that) of an earlier version of the story which featured a metal spit which glowed red-hot, f>t£aivero (379).

Civc1 ... ': amplifies OVK £iwv KAatuv. avaV£tJ£1V, 'to throw the head back; to deny, refuse, forbid' (opp. nv, 'to nod; agree'; cf. 490); the prohibition here Is indicated not verbally, but opuaL, 'with the eyebrows'. 471-2. = I 03-4· 473· = v 400, xii I 8 I; cf. LLa (474), ncut. ) are also to be understood by reference to the Iliad's aristeia, in which the victor addresses his rival (whether still alive or already dead). Odysscus emphasizes his own strength (dvaAK,aos-: cf. 463) and the moral justification of his actions (-rta•s-): he feels himself to be the agent of the vengeance ofZeus ~£{vws-, in whose name he had requested hospitality ( 269-271); his action is the answer to Polyphcmus' impious words (273-7).

3fi9-7o. With the specification of the g£111tall the theme of g£<111'1 (cf. 176, 229, 267-71, 356, 365) is brought here to a climax (cf. ). The cynicism with which Polyphemus apparently conforms to the demands of themis and at the same time shamefully ignores them confirms the picture of the Cyclopes given earlier ( 106-1 5) and justifies the blinding; this is not only necessary if Odysscus and his men are to escape, but also proper punishment for one who so outrageously offends against the most basic trul'aTov ('last') has never been satisfactorily exmoral precepts.

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