By Robert A Heinlein

ISBN-10: 0515028223

ISBN-13: 9780515028225

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You’re damned right you were there and you pulled some sort of a shenanigan on me, drugged me or doped me, or something. ” Hoag looked from Randall’s implacable face to that of his wife. But her face was impassive; she was having none of it. He turned hopelessly back to Randall. “Mr. Randall, believe me—I don’t know what you are talking about. I may have been at the Acme Building. ” His words were so grave, so solemnly sincere in their sound that Randall was unsettled in his own conviction. And yet—damn it, somebody had led him up an alley.

Hoag,” she said stiffly. But her earlier revulsion had returned. “It’s not entirely all right,” Randall amended. “I think the time has come to get a number of things cleared up. There has been entirely too much going on that I don’t understand and I think it is up to you, Mr. ” The little man seemed honestly at a loss. “I surely will, Mr. Randall, if there is anything I can answer. ” “I certainly do. ” “Why, I never was. At least, I don’t think I ever was. ” “Then why all this hysterical balderdash you have been spouting the past five minutes?

He paused for effect. “Chorus,” he announced. “Never mind trouble! Fiddle-de-dee! Eat your worms with Vitamin B! ” He paused again. “Second verse,” he stated. “Only I haven’t thought up a second verse yet. ” “No, thanks. ” “You don’t like it,” he accused her. ” “Art is rarely appreciated,” he mourned. But he got out. He had the coffee and the orange juice waiting by the time she appeared in the kitchen. He handed her a glass of the fruit juice. “Teddy, you’re a darling. ” “You. But not now. ” “Uh-huh.

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6xH: Six stories (AKA The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag) by Robert A Heinlein

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