By Shostakovich Dmitri.

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He watched the Italians bail out; they emptied the chopper like apples coming out of a basket. Alan jumped into the dark after them and hit the snow running, staggered, felt somebody hit him from behind, and he was up and following the dark line of figures ahead of him. They weren't trotting, they were sprinting, or so it seemed. Somebody passed him, too eager. He whispered, "No--" It must be the Kenyan medics. "Polepole, pole pole--" But they surged ahead of him. Only Doctor wa Danio back there now, floundering a little in the snow.

Ahead was the two-lane road down to the ferry. There would be a line for the ferry, but it went every fifteen minutes, and he could get into line and then hit the head at the ticket office and get relief. Yes! Except that his plan was to take the left before the ferry and force the guys following him to declare themselves, both cars, and then when they had done that he could go one-point-three miles to the little hill with the shaqi left on the far side, take the left and get out of sight before they came over the hill so that at least one would go straight.

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24 preludes and fugues for piano. by Shostakovich Dmitri.

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